Degrees in Family Studies

The College of Family Studies offers an Associate of Arts in Family Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies. These two degrees will provide a well-grounded foundation for understanding a Biblically based Family. Students will learn about Godly family life and receive skills to help families live a biblical life style.

Associate of Arts

This degree will

  • Equip students to help disciple families through the knowledge and skills obtained. 
  • Provide a theoretical framework and world-view of family life. 
  • Equip students with skills to become family helpers. 

The material is directly applicable to the students intended present or future ministry opportunities, and provides them with ready to use materials, models and skills that can be put into action. The degree introduces students to a foundational concept of family life model (Family of Origin) for the study and understanding the dynamics of family life, and introduces basic tools for helping relate to families.    

A total of 84 credits is needed for the A.A. degree:

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Bachelor of Arts

This degree:

  • Equips students with an in-depth Christian view on the foundations of Family life. 
  • Teaches the use of Genograms for helping families or individuals.  
  • Equips students to be coach/mentor families or individuals. 
  • Compares different societal family issues and models, addresses healthy sexual wholeness. 
  • Provides a full depth of understanding to the Family of Origin model presented in the AA Degree in Family Studies. 

A total of 144 credits is needed for the B.A. Degree:

For the latest information regarding degrees check the website or download the latest UofN Catalog.

Academic Advising

Are you planning to pursue or already pursuing a degree in Family Studies? Make sure that you are in communication with the Academic Advisor of the College. They can help you find the requirements that apply to your situation. Contact us if you’re not currently connected to one of the advisors.