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The Family Resource Centre (FRC) is part of the University of the Nations and offers training in the area of family and marriage. We provide continuing education opportunities for professionals and lay people through seminars, workshops and short-term courses. These programmes are designed to serve those who are currently working within various marriage and family disciplines. Seminars are offered which address a variety of counseling, legal, ethical, religious, and political-legislative issues, as they relate to the family. These seminars are conducted in cooperation with local churches, social service agencies, educational institutions, and family agencies.

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Next School July 2021

Advanced Family Studies Online

English, Korean, French & Portuguese language groups.
Are you ministering to families on a daily basis?
Have you done an FMS or FFS and want to deepen your knowledge & skills to work effectively with Families, yet you can’t leave your ministry for 3-5 months to do a UofN school?
With the Online Advanced Family Studies (AFS) you’ll dive deeper into topics like:
Genogram & Family Systems,
Sexuality & Gender,
Contemporary Family Issues.

…and you’ll do this mostly from your home! All you need is a computer and a good internet connection!

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