Family Resource Centre

Family Studies is a website run by the Family Resource Centre (FRC) to facilitate the online components of our training. The FRC is part of the University of the Nations, a university embedded in Youth with a Mission (YWAM). Our training focuses on all missional generations – young and old, and including singles, youth and children.

Mission and Purpose

Our Mission:

To equip families, including singles, youth and children with tools and understanding to celebrate God’s design as sons and daughters; that they may be transformed and become agents of transformation, expanding God’s kingdom and bringing His blessing to the nations.

Our Strategy:

To impact the nations through training, mobilizing and research, accessible in every nation, language and culture. Sharing Godly family values and practicing them culturally and globally.

Individuals, couples and families are equipped with knowledge, skills and spiritual understanding necessary to create strong relationships and healthy families in their areas of influence.


YWAM Family Ministry (FM) activities started in the late seventies (1976) with family focused seminars, like Family Camp. From the start of the university in 1978, the Family sphere was part of the College of Counseling and Healthcare. 

The first Family Ministries School (FMS) ran in 1984 in Hawaii, with the focus on training workers for the growing number of Family Camps. At its peak this school ran on all continents, attracting hundreds of students. In the nineties the training, now including a strong counseling focus, developed into a B.A. and M.A. in Family Therapy.

In 1999 the FRC (Family Resource Centre) was established with an ad-hoc status and became a recognised Center in 2003. Led by Larry Ballard, its main role was establishing and overseeing the Family Ministries Schools and Seminars, to network with the UofN colleges, and to see growth through local expressions of the center across the globe.

The need and desire for a Family Studies degree track culminated in the second level Foundation for Family Studies (FFS) for the A.A., and third level Advanced Family Studies (AFS) for the B.A. Since the center can only oversee one second level school, this new school was placed in the College of Education. There we connected with KKI and Children at Risk training.

During a conference in Thailand (2018) Family Ministries International and the Family Resource Center made a mutual commitment to work together as one body, reuniting the training with the ministry network.

FFS and AFS represent a new structure that facilitates students following a full B.A. degree in Family Studies. The FRC aims to build further, and would like to see in-depth study of topics fed from teams doing relevant research in specific areas (eg. the North Star School in Kona). We are currently (2022) in the process to form a College of Family Studies – as opposed to a Center. We believe this is a fitting umbrella for working together across multiple schools, degrees, networks and Family-related topics. It has the potential to bring together a stronger base for network, research, training and change in all cultures and people groups: transforming families, transforming nations.