Personal Growth Plan instructions

You can download the document with instructions for your Personal Growth Plan (click on the “materials” tab above).

The first page is an example of the frontpage for your personal plan , and you will see how to give the right nomenclature to documents you upload, and the part of the Personal Growth Plan that needs to be submitted at the beginning of the FFS. You can download a template by clicking on the “materials” tab above.

The 4th part is to be re-submitted before each module:

  • For each module (principally a credit unit) that you undertake, you will be asked to create a one page document that outlines the following points:
    1. What are your learning and skill acquisition expectations concerning this
      module? (please write this down before starting the module).
    2. How have you been able to put into practice the concepts you have learnt?
    3. Identify areas of growth and understanding from this module.
    4. Identify and frustrations or difficulties that you have experienced.