Part 2

Your mission: 

Cultivate a wider perspective of your understanding of marriage and family issues today.

Your tasks:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the resource sites and write up a 1-page list that categorises the resources available on these sites. If you have a key site to add to these then include it. (spend max 1 hour)
  2. Look over the current issues on the web and the articles. Decide on a topic that is relevant and interesting for you to explore further. (spend max 1 hour)
  3. Develop in a short paper (2 pages A4 – upload below) or create a short video (10 minutes maximum – post to our AFS Facebook group). Give a brief understanding of why this situation has developed today and create a dialogue (an argument) that you could use to communicate clearly with people who are stuck in such lifestyles. What do they need to understand to bring change in their lives, and what would be the most effective way to communicate this? (spend max 2.5 hours)



Current issues on the web


Secular articles on marriage in today’s society:
Here is a link to the folder with the following documents.

  • Transgender Economist 2020.pdf
  • Why would-be parents should choose to get married.pdf
  • The state of marriage as an institution.pdf
  • United Nations 2014 resolution_family.pdf
  • Living apart together research briefing.pdf
  • Children suffering 1-parent family.pdf