Staff application

This form serves to apply as staff for one of our online programs. Some of the information asked is ‘required’. Most of it is not required. If we do not know you, please be as informative as you can.

Make sure the email is spelled correctly, or we will not be able to respond to you!
Please provide the international format
Which time zone will you be in during the school? UTC +/- .. hours
Which languages do you have fluency in, i.e. for course work? List primary first.
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Training & Experience

List course name, location, and year of completion. Include DTS, FMS/FFS and outreach if applicable. For example: Crossroads DTS + outreach YWAM Wiler 2013
What is the highest level of education you have completed? For example: High School, Bachelor, Master, etc.
What other relevant experience do you have in YWAM, UofN or other ministry, like leadership/staff roles, children's ministry, etc.
If you are currently YWAM staff, at which base? If with another ministry, please state which ministry.