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How can you obtain recognition of the application of the material learnt during the study phase? Going on outreach for three months may not be an option for you. Here is a plan for your Application module that would allow you to provide evidence of your ministry and file for the appropriate credits.

The Outreach and Application module is worth 1 credit for every 50 hours of module work, including the teamwork, prayer, planning and evaluation. This could be accomplished in a week, or take up to 6 months to complete. You may want to accomplish this while you are learning in the FFS or AFS (very helpful) or complete it afterwards. As most students are already in ministry situations, this alternative is highly recommended. You are simply documenting the ministry you are already involved in that is appropriate for the FFS and AFS modules.

Students must submit for approval a plan before embarking on the work. The objective is to allow students to design application modules that fit well with their current ministry experience. To meet the requirements for a field assignment, at least 8 credits are necessary.

You can download this document here.

This process is currently under evaluation. There should be no reason that appropriate credits can be attributed if the application is carried out as specified; however, as with all credits currently going through the extension study accreditation scheme, this would need to be approved with an academic degree advisor.