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Are you considering work with families, couples and/or children? Have you done a YWAM DTS and want to equip families in your church, ministry or base? This foundational school will get you started with a Biblical understanding of family and provides tools to strengthen families and marriages. This accredited program is suited for both single and married people with a heart for transforming families.

(Although you can read this page in many languages, courses are only offered in certain languages.1)

This school will require online participation, a time commitment of about 8 hours per week, and at least one physical meeting (a couple of weeks or perhaps some other format) known as an intensive1. The school runs for fourteen months, finishing the lecture/online phase the following year. The intensive will probably be toward the end of the course, but this could vary with the different cohort groups.

The Foundations for Family Studies (FAM251) introduces students to the Biblical foundational concepts of family life. It presents a model for the study and understanding of the dynamics of family life, and introduces basic tools for working with individuals, couples and families. You will emerge equipped to provide resources for families in your locality. The lecture phase is broken down into these major topics.

  1. Worldview and Biblical view of family
  2. Introduction to the Family of Origin mode
  3. Introduction to Genograms
  4. Marriage relationships
  5. Parenting
  6. Basic seminar skills
  7. Christian family in today’s world
  8. Basic skills for coaching
  9. Families in ministry

…and you will do this mostly from your home! All you need is a computer and a good internet connection!

Students can anticipate a challenge to grow and develop their Christian character traits. You will increase their competence in ministering to families. The FFS will, apart from strengthening your own family and relationships, prepare you to reach out to families in your sphere of influence i.e., the church, community, YWAM base.

This program is essentially on-line, but you benefit from a personal 1-on-1 tutor, group discussions with each module, individual feedback on your assignments, and regular contact with other students through student trios and group “coffee times”. Teaching content is offered via pre-recorded sessions, and these are designed to be short and easily understood. For many modules you will be able to meet with the teacher on-line for an interactive session. You will submit work in the form of written materials or sometimes short videos. You are also required to have a local personal coach who you can choose.

This school will be registered as 12 credits with the College of Family Studies (extension studies) of the UofN. All modules combined may be recognised as the second level FFS school FAM 251 (conditions apply). We expect you will also find opportunities for application (or outreach), during of after the school. ( Residential UofN courses include an outreach phase. In the case of the FFS online, it is possible to integrate outreach with your studies, or to compete outreach credits through application after you have finished the modules. Certain conditions apply). The details are to be confirmed with the school leader.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Family Studies, please indicate this when registering for this school, so we can discuss the requirements.

The online tuition fee for the FFS online is 7702 euros. This excludes costs for books (usually available as e-books at a minimal cost). The price includes access to all the online modules (as long as your work submissions and participation are up to date), personal staff tutoring and of course credit registration with the UofN.

The intensive (planned toward the end of the school) is estimated at 750 euros in Europe3, including accommodation and meals (the final price will depend the location, cohorts may be able to participate in an intensive locally).

1.This could vary in form depending on the location. Cohorts are currently anticipated in Europe, India, Brazil (Portuguese) and Madagascar (French).

2. A €27 non-refundable registration fee is included. It is possible to apply for a % scholarship for the tuition fees if your situation merits consideration. Your local cohort leader will be able to inform you about this after you have applied.

3. The cost for the intensive may vary significantly depending on the location and the modality of the intensive.

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