FFS Module 6 – What is marriage?

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The objective of this module is to give you a good overview of the concepts behind marriage. We should be careful to talk about the idea of marriage, and not just the form. In many situations we see that couples have adhered to a form, but forgotten the idea, while others still believe in the idea but not the form. Forms can vary with cultures and sub-cultures, while good marriages are founded on very similar principles.

You will work through this process somewhat in reverse, coming to marriage preparation at the end of the module. There are opportunities for discussion around the presented topics, as well as some optional material that you can work through if you feel that you are already familiar with some of the presentations.

Our expectation is that you emerge from this module confident to accompany a couple in marriage preparation, in thinking through their wedding day, and in post-marriage coaching situations, as well as being able to address certain issues with those who are not yet in a relationship with marriage as a goal.