FFS Module 2 – Worldview of Family

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Are the biblical principles for family outdated? Does the Bible still have authority today to speak about issues on family and how we live life? If so, what does the Bible say about family, marriage and the way we are supposed to live?

Welcome to the second online module of the FFS. This module is designed to be an introduction into looking at family and marriage from God’s perspective. Its purpose is to help you understand God’s intentions for the family and to discover the biblical principles of marriage and family life.  We want you to understand some of the important issues of a good marriage and a healthy family, while also dealing with some of the world’s view on these topics.

Part of the content of this module was taken from Larry Ballard’s teaching on Family Life. It was originally written for an Asian context, but it can be used to help individuals & families in all cultures. If you desire to teach this material in another culture feel free to change the content to reflect the culture in which you serve. As Larry said: “My copyright is your right to copy.” Permission is granted to use this material for educational and noncommercial purposes.