AFS Module 10 – Designing Culturally Appropriate Courses

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During your training in the Family Ministries School, Foundations for Family Studies or Advanced Family Studies, you have gained a lot of valuable knowledge. But how useful is this knowledge when it doesn’t get out to the families and communities you are working with?

In this module we want to give you practical tools to share what you have learned with your audience.

There are many different ways to do that. Sometimes it’s a once-off moment. You have a speaking engagement for a bigger group or you share in a one-on-one conversation. Other times you want to teach your audience a bigger concept. Then it’s very useful to know how to create a course that is well suited for your audience.

Creating a course can be difficult. It can feel overwhelming. You know what you want to teach and the transformation you want to see, but how do you put a course together?

The reason this module is part of the AFS is because we want to encourage you to create courses that will transform your communities.

At the end of this module you will have created a course appropriate for the cultural setting you are in and you will help countless families transform.

We will walk you through, step by step. Let’s begin.

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Module Manual

You can download your manual for this module here.


  • You have knowledge about the topic you want to teach on.
  • You have had some experience with teaching already i.e., FMS / Outreaches / Ministry opportunities
  • You know the basic differences in culture (as described in Foreign to Familiar by Sarah. A. Lanier).