AFS Module 6 – Parenting

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There is hardly a job more common, yet so difficult to get right, than parenting. In one way or another we are all affected by (the lack of) parenting in our lives. As hard as it is to do it well, it is even harder to teach others to do this well. Parenting instruction easily becomes biassed, or seen through a cultural lense.

This course will begin by exploring and evaluating a variety of lenses and cultural bias, each of which have led to different parenting styles and disciplines. 

We will then present a framework for parenting from one philosophical view (the Developmental Approach). By exploring this one approach in particular, students will have the opportunity to develop their understanding and culturally appropriate interpretation to parenting in various contexts, congruent with biblical values. By comparing other approaches (based on other philosophical views), students can develop their capacity to communicate their values and chosen approach to parents.

The premise of this material is to teach students “how to see”, rather than give them instructions as to “what to do”. As such the application is to evaluate if a student is beginning to ask questions so as “to see” the child in the process of maturation. There will be several opportunities (via group discussion) for students to engage and respond as to what they see.