AFS Module 7 – Family Dysfunction

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During this course Erik Spruyt will draw on his experience of crisis and trauma debriefing to create a Christ centred approach to healing. This is a model that has been used extensively by Le Rucher Ministries, a centre for trauma recovery in France that Erik has pioneered. This is a Christian approach to the areas of stress and trauma, using Biblical processes and an understanding of the spiritual world as a basis for action.

The presentation of the material is primarily through short lectures followed by discussion questions that will be used in breakout groups. There are other reading resources to be studied, and some written work to pull together the ideas gained in a practical way.
To facilitate a broader approach to the the question of families and the effects on individuals we will refer to the book Families and how to survive them.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the principle ways trauma deviates from God’s original plan
  • Identify and understand the basic behavioural and neurological trauma reactions
  • Exploring a holistic approach through “The exchange at the Cross”, from Le Rucher Ministries
  • Observing how to link these concepts to current marriage and family difficulties

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