AFS Module 2 – Genograms

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Welcome to the Genogram module. The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary information on genograms and to aim to equip every student to use genograms for counseling and research.

In a person’s life, there is no more significant shaping influence than the family that raised them. Family influence builds patterns of behavior, even when they are hidden. This influence appears from generation to generation and can often be neglected, but creating a genogram helps an individual understand other family members, and most importantly, themselves.

A genogram is similar to a family tree or a genealogy chart. The most significant difference is that a genogram includes not just demographic information about family members, but also information that helps you understand relationships, critical events in the family history, and major life-cycle transitions. The genogram can show how family members’ relationships and values are created through their interaction with others. Every single person will have a genogram that is unique since their values and experience with others will differ.