FAM Advanced Seminar – 2025

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How do we effectively work with today’s young generation? How can we answer their purpose & identity questions? How do we motivate them for a lifetime of missions with a healthy family identity?

These are some of the questions we, as colleagues with a mission, wrestle with during this FAM intensive seminar. In this time we get together for 10 days of face-to-face lectures and interaction, preceded by online tools & resources to prime you for this Intensive.


This advanced seminar is part of the full Advanced Family Studies, but you can choose to join 1 or 2 of these weeks. In this intensive we dive deeper into these topics:

  • Week 1: Gender & Sexuality
  • Week 2: Coaching – using Motivational Interviewing techniques

Dates & Location

The intensive runs from [dates to be announced] in [location to be announced].
We start with dinner on the evening of [date], departure is from the morning of [day + date].


The full package costs €850*, this includes:

  • all course materials and seminar participation,
  • accommodation & food, arriving …, departing …
  • access to the online module containing videos, reading and assignments for both the Motivational Interviewing and the Gender Issues topics.

* This depends on the location and excludes airport transfers.

Alternative prices:

  • Standard package (Seminar + full board, excl. online content & credits) for €695
    Attending 1 of the 2 topics is €375.
  • Budget Seminar package (Seminar only, no accommodation) for €350
    Attending 1 of the 2 topics is €195.


Since this is part of our full 12-credit Advanced Family Studies (AFS) course you can earn up to 3 UofN credits when participating in both the online preparatory module and the 10-day intensive. These credits are earned through the College of Family Studies and can be used to complete the full AFS online, which in turn can contribute to the BA degree in Family Studies. AFS online students who are presenting their Capstone also earn 3 credits.