FAM Intensive Seminar – 2021

How do we effectively work with today’s young generation? How can we answer their purpose & identity questions? How do we motivate them for a lifetime of missions with a healthy family identity?

These are some of the questions we, as colleagues with a mission, wrestle with during this FAM intensive seminar. This December we get together for 9 days of face-to-face lectures and interaction, preceded by online tools & resources to prime you for this Intensive.


This advanced seminar is part of the full Advanced Family Studies. In this intensive we dive deeper into these topics:

  • Coaching – using Motivational Interviewing techniques
  • Gender & Sexuality

Dates & Location

The seminar runs from 1-9 December 2021 at YWAM Heidebeek in the Netherlands. Arrival is November 30, closing and departure is on December 10th.


The full package costs €650, this includes:

  • all course materials and seminar participation,
  • accommodation & food, arriving 30 Nov, departing Dec 10.
  • access to the online module containing videos, reading and assignments for both the Motivational Interviewing and the Gender Issues topics.

It excludes airport transfers and the optional registration for credit (see below).

Alternative prices:

  • Standard package (Seminar + full board) for €500 (or 50/day)
  • Budget Seminar package (attendance only) for €250 (or 25/day)


Since this is part of our full 12-credit Advanced Family Studies (AFS) course you could get 3 UofN credits when participating in both the online preparatory module and the 9-day intensive. The credits are earned through the UofN Extension Studies center and can be used to complete the full AFS online, which in turn can contribute to the BA degree in Family Studies. Registration for credit is at an extra cost (€15) and subject to satisfactory completion of the course work.

Advanced Family Studies Online

Are you ministering to families on a daily basis? Have you done an FMS or FFS and want to deepen your knowledge & skills to work effectively with Families, yet you can’t leave your ministry for 3-5 months to do a UofN school?


With the Online Advanced Family Studies (AFS) you’ll dive deeper into topics like:

  • Genograms & Family Systems
  • Coaching/Mentoring skills
  • Parenting
  • Sexuality & Gender
  • Contemporary Family & Marriage issues

…but you’ll do this mostly from your home! All you need is a computer and a good internet connection!


This school will be run mostly online, ending with an onsite intensive. The online modules will run in a cohort, meaning that we work through each module connected to a group of students. The intensive is planned to run each year. The 9 online modules will take place over the course of 10 months and require self-study, online teaching and Zoom (small) group meetings. The online modules require about 25 hours (1 day a week) each and will become available each month.


The Course material & lectures are offered in English. Depending students and staff there will be language groups, so you can do the processing and written work also in, for example, Korean, French or Portuguese.


This school will be registered as 12 seminars with the Extension Studies Center. All modules combined could count towards the third level AFS school (FAM 351), building upon the existing Foundation for Family Studies. We expect you will do outreach and a practicum, details to be confirmed with the school leader. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Family Studies, please indicate this when registering for this school, so we can discuss the requirements.


The tuition fee for the online part of the AFS is 490* euro. This excludes costs for books and other resources and includes access to the online modules and UofN registration for 9 credits.
The intensive (planned for June) will cost around 650* euro, including accommodation and meals (depending the location).

* Prices are subject to change, depending location, dates & duration.


Via this form you can indicate your interest, request a registration form and ask further questions.

Click on the module content below to find out more about each topic.