FFS Module 10 – The Communication Bootcamp

This module serves as an alternative to the intensive for the online FFS. The material was created as a Communication Bootcamp, based on the same REAPP workshop taught in the intensive. Students who were part of the intensive do not need to complete this module, but are of course free to do so and use it as a refresh and reminder!

Bear in mind that while the content is taught from the perspective of a married couple, the communication principles apply to any relationship, for example friends, parents to children, or between roommates.

The module is created as one flow, which means you walk through each step in sequence.

The video teaching was created by Christiaan and Tineke Baas:

Chris and I married at 21, oblivious to what life as a married couple would look like.
We struggled with our connection and lacked the communication skills to share with each other in a way that the other person would understand.

It took us a long time to figure it all out …
We made a huge amount of mistakes, said many things we regretted later and had fights I do NOT want to repeat 🤭.
But we kept moving forward, pursuing our connection, through many highs and lows.

We’re looking forward to share with you what we’ve learned over the years, so others don’t have to make the same mistakes
(if you are already making them, NOW is the time to STOP your unnecessary fights and start pursuing a strong connection).

In connecting with each other communication is essential.
But it’s something we don’t intentionally learn to do as couples.

This is where you get to know our favorite tool to level up the communication game.


☞ Week 1 – Your Relationship Reset

Take an in-depth look at your relationship, alone and together, to identify the areas you want to work on.

☞ Week 2 – The Communication Basics

You’ve been communicating your whole life. Nothing new there, right? Wrong!
When you become conscious of how you communicate, it will change your life!

☞ Week 3 – The Communication Blueprint

Our blueprint is a step-by-step guide to make sure both of you will actually feel heard.
It’s a fool-proof way of communicating clearly, in a way that will help you understand your partner and make you feel understood too.
Here is a connection waiting to happen!

☞ Week 4 – Moving Forward

We teach you strategies to implement what you’ve learned in The Communication Bootcamp and to help you create healthy habits so you can keep growing.

Are you ready to invest in your relationship?!

Ps. Can you do the course alone? Yes! You can!
We have set The Communication Bootcamp up in such a way that either couples or individuals can walk through it. For some exercises you can do personal processing (instead of a partner dialogue), based on which you could share with your one-on-one or a fellow student who is also enrolled.