Pre-AFS – Family Systems Introduction

Pre-AFS introduction

This brief introduction is presented by Peter Thomas. You will need to have basic understanding of the Genogram to follow the content. Your understanding of these ideas will prepare you to work with the AFS module on Family Systems Theory. There is also a written summary, extracted from a manual written by Dr Bruce Litchfield. You are expected to be familiar with the terms Bowen theory uses and be able to apply these to the basic Genogram model.

Pre-AFS – Genogram introduction

During this module we will be looking at the basic Genogram in short videos. Trond Saethren takes us through the content that is part of the FFS, and which you will need to be familiar with before taking the AFS module on the Genogram.


The realization and analysis of a Genogram is linked to the understanding of Family Systems (Bowen theory). In this section you will be introduced to the basic structure, symbols and purpose of a Genogram. You should be able to draw an analytical Genogram of your own family system and use this as a basis for exploring other family systems.