AFS Module 4 – Coaching, Sexuality & Gender

This module consists of 2 distinct parts, which will prepare you for the intensive modules later in the school.

  1. Coaching
  2. Sexuality & Gender

These two so called half modules are worth half a credit each. The intensive will feature both these topics again, to go deeper and to go into application, for 1 credit each. See the overview of modules and credits in Module 1.


This part of the module teaches you some basic coaching principles, to lay the foundation for the intensive module on Coaching. This topic consists of 1.5 credit and is divided into a primary half module, exposing the student to the literature and principles associated with Motivational Interviewing. The second part (1 credit) will be accomplished during the intensive part of the course and significant emphasis will be given at this stage to practical application of the theoretical model.

Learning outcomes for part 1:

  • Familiarisation with the theory of MI (Motivational Interviewing)
  • Evaluating the application of the MI model in real situations
  • Identifying the learning needs to practice MI competently

Sexuality & Gender

This part of the module has as purpose/outcome to gain a basic biblical understanding to use as a framework for looking at and describing Gender development and analysing Gender ideologies. We will use this framework as a starting point for our Intensive module on this same topic.

AFS Module 2 – Genograms

Welcome to the second module of the AFS. This module has the focus on Genograms and how to confidently use them in working with individuals, couples and families. It is currently only available as part of the full AFS program and not as a stand alone seminar. Are you part of the full program? Then you’ll have access when this module launches.

AFS Module 3 – Family of Origin

This module refreshes the student in their understanding of the Bowen Family Systems-Family of Origin’s 8 concepts & the Genogram model. This review of the Knowledge & Understanding of the interrelationship of the concepts of these two models to the dynamics of family life, together with the students working knowledge & skill of the Genogram model will be demonstrated by the completion a 3-generational Genogram on the family of King David (Solomon,David,Children) from the Old Testament.

This means that the student must use critical thinking for integration of the Bowen Model & the Genogram model. This integration requires that the student understands the interrelationship of the 8 concepts and be able to explain the family life dynamics of King David’s family.

To start this module go to the first lesson.

AFS Module 10 – Capstone Project

A Capstone project is a way to sum up skills and competencies the student has gained during the AFS. This kind of paper may be presented in various forms: case studies, research papers, surveys, outcome-based evaluation, focus groups, and more.  You will need to pick a capstone project idea related to the AFS and write a paper. Typically, a Capstone project will be connected with your future specialization (so it also relates to your personal growth plan) and requires strong skills in teamwork, public speaking, and critical and analytical thinking. 

AFS Module 1 – Introduction & Literature review

In this first module of the Online Advanced Family Studies you will be introduced to the course and start your first assignments. By the end of this module (May 2021) you will have:

  • An understanding of how the Online Advanced Family Studies works, how you’ll submit your work, how you’ll engage with the teaching, assignments and group work.
  • Completed a current literature review: A critical look at current literature. Understand current writings, identify gaps in the knowledge of the subject in literature.
  • Created a personal growth plan, helping you get most out of this online study through auto-evaluation on your personal journey in ministering more effectively to families.

This module consists of self study through watching video content, completing the corresponding assignments and studying literature. Additionally this module will have group video calls to get to know one another, to introduce the course and its practical workings and answer questions you might have about this.

Advanced Family Studies Online

Are you ministering to families on a daily basis? Have you done an FMS or FFS and want to deepen your knowledge & skills to work effectively with Families, yet you can’t leave your ministry for 3-5 months to do a UofN school?


With the Online Advanced Family Studies (AFS) you’ll dive deeper into topics like:

  • Genogram & Family Systems
  • Coaching/Mentoring skills
  • Parenting
  • Sexuality & Gender
  • Contemporary Family Issues

…but you’ll do this mostly from your home! All you need is a computer and a good internet connection!


This school will be run in an online format with a closing intensive: the opening days will be Online on 8 & 9 July. The intensive is planned for May/June 2021 (location in Europe). The 13 modules will take place over the course of 12 months and require self-study, online teaching and Zoom small group meetings. The online modules will become available each month, starting September 2020.


This school will be registered as 13 seminars with the Extension Studies Center. All modules combined could count towards the third level AFS school (FAM 351), building upon the existing Foundation for Family Studies. We expect you will do outreach and a practicum, details to be confirmed at a later stage. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Family Studies, please indicate this when registering for this school, so we can discuss the requirements.


The tuition fee for the online part of the AFS is 490 euro. This excludes costs for books and other resources.
The intensive (planned for May/June 2021) will cost 650 euro, including accommodation and meals.


Applications will go through YWAM Heidebeek. Register now and choose: Second level schools > Online Advanced Family Studies.